The Law Office of Mark E. Krohn, Esq., LLC

Driving growth, protecting wealth, developing partnerships


Businesses today want more than just a lawyer who can skillfully handle legal matters. They desire a true business ally who can help with strategic introductions, growth plans, efficiency and productivity.

Mark is that lawyer and ally, having served as General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer to numerous small and medium-sized local businesses, ranging from $1 million to $155 million in annual revenue, and helping them at every stage of their development: start-up, high growth, scale and divestiture/sale.

His combination of legal and business experience help him understand exactly what busy executives and owners want. He is the smart choice for businesses who have grown frustrated with lawyers who merely identify issues, wave red flags or say no.

Mark keenly understands the law and navigates the legal landscape, helping businesses take advantage of their most promising business opportunities while managing and minimizing perceived risks and challenges. Schedule an appointment with Mark now to see how he can accelerate your business planning and execution and how he can use the law to your critical advantage.

Mark E. Krohn