Outside General Counsel

Mark can offer your company more than just legal experience. He will become a true part of your leadership team, as an adviser, idea generator, optimizer and growth driver.

Business Strategy

As an entrepreneur and business owner, Mark has fought through the weeds, faced the challenges, built value and succeeded. He thrives on strategizing with you to open new doors of revenue and growth. 


Contracts aren’t just about protection, although that's crucial. Structuring them properly can provide a business extra propulsion at launch and drive profitable results.

Exit and Succession Planning

You have successfully led and grown your business for years, but what’s next? Let Mark help you realize the value you have spent a lifetime building by designing the right plan for an exit, sale, liquidity event or the search for your company’s next leader.

Partnership Disputes

When communication breaks down and partners have different ideas about direction, course, investments and strategy, businesses can become deadlocked. Fighting and costly litigation are rarely the right answer. Mark can be an invaluable resource in helping arguing partners understand all sides, resolve disputes and forge a clear path toward achievement.

Real Estate law

Mark can help clear the hurdles in residential or commercial development, financing, zoning, lease negotiations and more. We help find financing.

Banking & Finance Law

Mark has represented numerous banks in his career and knows what they need, what they don’t and how to negotiate.

Business Law

We approach business law, from simple contracts to complex reorganizations, with both legal and entrepreneurial expertise. We can help you finance your dream.

Growth Planning

Mark sits with executives to create a comprehensive strategic roadmap to realize your growth plans. He then leverages his relationships to execute and accelerate that growth.

Estate Planning

As businesses grow and evolve, estate planning gets more difficult and complicated. Mark's experience has taught him that being proactive can protect your family and maximize your legacy. 


Litigation can bog down a business and take up valuable time and resources. Mark attacks litigation from a strategic prospective, putting your business interests first to find the best, most efficient outcome for you.   

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mark can help companies locate, investigate and purchase synergistic acquisition targets quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Private Placements

Let us guide you through the process of securing an optimal level of investment that matches the potential of your business.