Eliminating barriers, driving value

Too often, businesses wait to call their lawyers until after the material terms of the transaction are agreed to, after the handshake, after the letter of intent. Calls to legal counsel always seem to be reactive, never proactive. Businesses have literally signed away hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars agreeing to a term sheet just because they balked at calling a lawyer earlier and starting "the meter” of hourly charges.


Because lawyers bill by the hour, and every call, every email, every consultation comes with a bill.

The tension created by this approach keeps business owners from getting the advice they need when they need it and robs executives of timely suggestions that can add great value at exactly the right time. What a tragic result.

The reality is that most of an advisor’s value comes when he is by your side early on, negotiating and structuring deals that maximize value and lower your costs, liabilities and taxes or along the way as he helps your business grow, become more efficient and productive.

There should be no barrier or no stopwatch between a trusted business adviser and a business.

Mark eliminates these unnecessary barriers to progress by working with clients to agree upon a reasonable monthly retainer that clients can budget for, rely on and appreciate based upon the business value that Mark creates. Once the fee is set, there are no obstacles keeping meaningful interaction from occurring. Call him as often as you please and allow him to stay involved and deliver value at every step of the journey. The meter will NOT be running.